Instead of deleting this blog I think I will keep it but I am trying to decide now how to keep both blogs without them being mirror image blogs.

My domain name on this one is Sonya Lira Photography but I could name the blog itself something else without actually changing the domain. Although I could change the domain.

Should this one strictly be everything about photography including tutorials and how-tos?

The other one can be some photography,  DIY, some just general post etc? I could move the DIYs from this blog to that blog.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I need help lol..

Thank You



Changing wordpress


I am really getting quite annoyed with all the new changes on WordPress.

Today I see it is totally different to make a post.

I can apparently no longer add a gallery into a post. GREAT!

What is the point of making things harder on those who have blogs?

Did WordPress ever stop and think to do a survey before making changes?