Life Lesson #1 – Storms will pass

Life Lesson # 1 –  Storms will pass

There are people in our lives that turn every situation in life to be about them because they have to be the center of attention. We tend to call them the “Drama Queens”.

They will never say ” I am sorry” or never admit any wrong doing.

They love to talk behind people’s back and play one person against another like a game.

What they do not realize is some people already see them for who they really are.

The storms they have created in my life the last few years have only made me stronger.





Gazing balls | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I love gazing balls a few of mine in the past have gotten broken from strong winds knocking the stands over.

This year I fell in love with this mosaic one I found at Hobby Lobby. I watch their sales so I can be sure to get 40% off of the things I can not live without.

This time, I placed a rock on the bottom of the stand to prevent the wind from knocking it over I am hoping this will work.

The colors are truly amazing and when the sun hits it all you want to do is stare at it.

Adding some sparkle and color to the yard is always a good thing.

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Elephant Garlic |Texas Photographer

A cluster of tiny purple flowers on a long stem reaching for the sky. It is such a beautiful site.

It is known as Elephant Garlic This is a plant belonging to onion genus it is not a true garlic. It belongs in the family of leeks.

It has a tall flowering stalk. It forms a bulb that  has cloves like garlic and actually taste similar to garlic just not as strong.

The immature plant tops the flower part can be cut off and used with onions and chives. Although we have never tried this.

The way you know the garlic is ready is when the flower dies and turns brown.

I use this as garlic we grow these in our garden. The flowers actually smell like garlic.

I love photographing them because I think the flowers are amazing.

Elephant Garlic - Sonya Lira Photography

Elephant Garlic Sonya Lira Photogaphy

Elephant Garlic - Sonya Lira Photography