The wind

Every since the beginning of March, we have had a big problem with the wind.

Normally you can count on March being windy but then it goes away.

It seems like every day for the last few months for sure it has been super windy and whipping everyone and everything around. It dries out the plants faster than normal.

It means I have to water every day. The overcast days make you think it is going to rain and then all you get is wind.

It is a good thing we have our own water well at this rate of using water.







Bully Bird | Manvel, Texas Photographer

We get all kinds of birds at our bird feeders it depends on the time of day.

These little birds came in with the robins on Saturday. I think they are starlings but not positive about that.

Actually they turned out to be cowbirds thanks to Shannon for identifying them for me.

As you can tell it was raining but that did not stop them from wanting to eat. I love the look of the rain in these pictures. If you look closely you can see the water drops on their wings.

I call the one bird on the right-hand side the” bully bird” look at the way he is bowed  up to that other bird. Does this remind you of anyone?

Birds are a lot like people there is always one trying to be the boss and push everyone else around.

Sonya Lira Photography

Sonya Lira Photography


Rainy days

I am so thankful for the rainy days we got this week. For the most part, this summer Texas was once again in drought.

In the last week, we have had about 17″ of rain in a five-day span. The ground soaked it up really fast because even it was thirsty.

Our daughter found a large group of about 100 black-bellied ducks swimming in a pasture in the low spots. It looked like a small pond and they were all so happy to be playing in the water and swimming all around.

The rainy days are dark and gloomy most of the time but when you get rain after so long without rain you just look past the clouds and be grateful.

Rainy days are days to celebrate because we all need water to survive. I am so thankful for rainy days.

Ducks6Texas Dove Sonya Lira Photography

Dancing raindrops | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Sometimes after it rains I take pictures of the rain drops. I love how all the drops are different and unique.

This time I wanted to find something different to take pictures of instead of the drops on flowers or leaves. I found these emerald colored rain drops on the windshield of my car. They look like tiny green emeralds all lined up in a row and getting ready to dance. I am sure you have watched the rain dance on the windshield of your car as you are driving down the road.

A macro lens works best for this type of thing. I used my Canon 100 mm 2.8L macro lens.

While I was editing the first image, I decided to change the colors of the raindrops on two other copies of the image. Then I went back and added a black and white one. The fun thing about editing is we can take it as far as we want to.

Dancing rain is one of those little things in life that is often overlooked, but it really is the little things in life that make it so special.

Sonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira Photography
Sonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira Photography

Doves in the rain | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Our area of Texas has gotten some much-needed rain over the last few days. After several months of drought this is very  much-needed.

We have gotten 5 1/2 inches in total. The cracks in the yard can fill back in again and the plants, grass and trees are breathing a sigh of relief.

Determined doves were posing for pictures while eating in the rain. They had quite a challenge as the feeders were filled with water from the down pour yesterday.

These first two pictures represent the Mourning Doves and the White Winged doves. The White Ringneck Dove is in the last picture. I believe the one in the middle picture on the right hand side is an older dove.

Doves have such beauty and grace about them when they fly. I love watching them and getting to see three different types on the same day was a treat.

Sonya Lira Photography Sonya Lira Photography
Sonya Lira Photography

Roses in the rain | Sonya Lira Photography

I love the knockout roses especially since they bloom all year.

Blooms in December are spectacular add in some rain drops and I love them even more.

During the winter we have to hunt harder to find some pretty blooming things. Look around and see what you can find.

Knock Out Roses Manvel, Texas

Water Drops and Clover Leaves | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I found another way to look at the clover. It had rained and the water drops were all over the leaves.

From a standing position it really did not look like a big deal. I came back in the house grabbed my camera and the macro lens. I got on the ground to get a few pictures. I got as close as I could to them to get the details.

Water drops up close look like little beads placed on a leaf in different locations. I think they are quite amazing. They even have a bit of texture and they are see through. Sometimes it is the simple things that make the prettiest pictures.

Go outside after a rain and capture some water drops on some leaves of plants. See what kind of interesting pictures you can come up with.

Clover Sonya Lira Photography Clover Sonya Lira Photography Clover Sonya Lira Photography