Toxic people

We have all known toxic people whether it be a friend, acquaintance, or a family member.

Toxic people need a victim and if their victim is no longer around they will reach out to the next person they are closest to.

You can not please a toxic person no matter how much you do for them it is never enough because they feel like everyone owes them something.

You have to have enough Self-Respect and Self-Love to understand that no one should be allowed to belittle, insult, shame or ridicule you.

The day you realize that this is Verbal Abuse you will wonder why it took you so long to see it. This is not a healthy relationship for anyone.

Everyone deserves to be treated with love, kindness, and respect.

There comes a time in your life you need to shut the door and slam it hard behind you.

That will be the day you can start healing and feel the calmness entering your life because you are now free of the abuse.

That is the day you will realize you are no longer a VICTIM.


Photo books | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I am very picky about the quality of my pictures and the photo labs I use. It pays to be picky because you get what you pay for.

Recently I had a photo book printed at Mpix and the quality was truly amazing. I think paying the extra money for a top quality photo book is really worth it.

This book is a surprise for our granddaughter Preslie who has a birthday soon. I wanted it to show off some of the photo sessions we have done in the past. This book is for ages 7 -13 years. She has always been so photogenic so there were a lot of good pictures to chose from.

You never realize how many pictures you have done in the past until you are looking through multiple external drives for the pictures for a project like this.

This photo book will remind Preslie of the memories we have shared through the years planning out her photo sessions and taking the pictures. The funny things that happened including a few mishaps along the way.

I wanted a professional type photo book not a scrapbook type book. I did a dedication page with words from the heart and when I write those I always cry. At the bottom of that page, I put the page numbers and the age she was at the time.

It was very important for me to make sure that the two pages that were side by side were of the same photo session. I was going for a crisp clean look so I wanted it to blend well.

All my backgrounds were done in black including my front and back covers which also had images on them. Since I could not figure out how to change the binding cover it is white but I like the way it looks.

The two images I used on the covers were one of her favorite sessions we did with the newspaper skirt I had made her. She was 10 years old at the time. I also included more pictures from that session in the book.

This book is a 10″ x 10″ and it was priced at $39.99 for 21 pages. I paid $6.00 extra for an additional 12 pages.

She has so many good pictures that I honestly could have made a 100-page catalog if it weren’t for the cost I probably would have done that.

This is only the start of several photo books I plan on making this year.






Instead of deleting this blog I think I will keep it but I am trying to decide now how to keep both blogs without them being mirror image blogs.

My domain name on this one is Sonya Lira Photography but I could name the blog itself something else without actually changing the domain. Although I could change the domain.

Should this one strictly be everything about photography including tutorials and how-tos?

The other one can be some photography,  DIY, some just general post etc? I could move the DIYs from this blog to that blog.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I need help lol..

Thank You



Starting over

In case you missed my last post I am starting a new blog.

Please follow me here:

Sonya Lira’s New Blog

Now that I named the new blog  I am rethinking the name I know it is a good idea to snag your own domain name just in case and since domains are cheap I have no regrets on that. I will also keep this domain  name. I am just wondering if I should have named the new blog something else. UHHH!

I honestly hate second guessing myself about this but I do it all the time on stuff like this.

There have been 3 post on the new blog, I am in the process of setting up albums of my favorite pictures from this blog. I am going to try to be organized for a change.

Yesterday I had a BIG disaster I restarted my computer and all of a sudden Windows had deleted all my pictures in Lightroom there was not 1 picture in there and there was over 50,000. I about had a heart attack.

I literally pulled off my fake nails and made my real nails bleed underneath. Note to self this is NOT a good idea. My fingers hurt today.

Last night I finally found part of the pictures and this morning the rest of them. I started importing them back into LR again. I have no idea WHY Windows 10 did this but it really made me mad. I need to be moving pictures to my external drive tonight while I am sleeping.

I am one of those people who sends stuff to the desktop so I can find it easier. I have documents in folders, folders of pictures you name it on my desktop guess what it was all gone.Those I have not found yet and believe me I have hunted.

Nothing is every easy when I am in the middle of trying to do something like start a new blog that is when disaster strikes.



The natural landscape | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Sometimes when you are in the wooded areas at the state parks you notice some interesting things.

I love the way this fallen down tree makes the most beautiful planter. I could just see it in our yard. Of course, things like this are too heavy to move and you are not allowed to move them anyway.

None the less I fell in love with this tree and I visualized it filled with flowers. Maybe next time I will take some flower seeds and plant them in it where it sits.



Lavender bath bombs | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I decided I wanted to make some Lavender bath bombs.

There are so many recipes on Pinterest and I was not sure which would work the best.

Most of the supplies I ordered on Amazon because with Amazon prime I get free shipping and I find the prices are really competitive. The fact that it is delivered right to my door is a plus.

I used this basic recipe but added the color and more drops of oil.

Bath Bombs

1 cup citric acid  ( this makes the bath bombs fizz )

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup cornstarch

Mix all the dry ingredients first.

12 drops of red food coloring – 8 drops of blue food coloring ( for purple color ) if you want a darker purple play with the drops a little to get the right shade.

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

10 drops of Lavender Essential oil

I doubled the recipe because the package of citric acid I had ordered just happened to be perfect for doubling it. I also added a bit more food coloring and essential oil just because.

There are so many options for pans or molds. You can use the coffee K – Cups for molds, the small plastic easter eggs,  you can form them with your hands and place them on wax paper. I used my pecan tassie pan and a star cookie pan. Just make sure you pack the ingredients in tight and let it dry 24 – 36 hours before removing them.

I let mine dry out for about 36 hours they came out of the molds just fine none of the broke but they seem to be a little bit crumbly. I will let them dry out some more before wrapping them up.

When they are completely dry wrap them in plastic wrap and tie them with a tiny bow to make them cute. You could put them in a clear jar in the bathroom with a lid for some added color. Maybe set some in some drawers or in your towel cabinet for the smell.

I love trying out new things and this is something I will definitely be doing again.