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I am very picky about the quality of my pictures and the photo labs I use. It pays to be picky because you get what you pay for.

Recently I had a photo book printed at Mpix and the quality was truly amazing. I think paying the extra money for a top quality photo book is really worth it.

This book is a surprise for our granddaughter Preslie who has a birthday soon. I wanted it to show off some of the photo sessions we have done in the past. This book is for ages 7 -13 years. She has always been so photogenic so there were a lot of good pictures to chose from.

You never realize how many pictures you have done in the past until you are looking through multiple external drives for the pictures for a project like this.

This photo book will remind Preslie of the memories we have shared through the years planning out her photo sessions and taking the pictures. The funny things that happened including a few mishaps along the way.

I wanted a professional type photo book not a scrapbook type book. I did a dedication page with words from the heart and when I write those I always cry. At the bottom of that page, I put the page numbers and the age she was at the time.

It was very important for me to make sure that the two pages that were side by side were of the same photo session. I was going for a crisp clean look so I wanted it to blend well.

All my backgrounds were done in black including my front and back covers which also had images on them. Since I could not figure out how to change the binding cover it is white but I like the way it looks.

The two images I used on the covers were one of her favorite sessions we did with the newspaper skirt I had made her. She was 10 years old at the time. I also included more pictures from that session in the book.

This book is a 10″ x 10″ and it was priced at $39.99 for 21 pages. I paid $6.00 extra for an additional 12 pages.

She has so many good pictures that I honestly could have made a 100-page catalog if it weren’t for the cost I probably would have done that.

This is only the start of several photo books I plan on making this year.





Thirty Eight Years| Sonya Lira Photography

Today is my husbands and my thirty – eighth wedding anniversary.

Time really flies by when you are having fun and getting older.

Our life is pretty simple we do what we want to when we want to and have fun along the way.

My best advice to anyone starting out in a marriage is to make sure you enjoy your time with each other. Live life to its fullest and always remember to laugh.

Time flies by so fast

It seems so long since our 4 –  year old grandson was this small. I actually took his  pictures every month for the first year.

I had a list of  photography sessions I wanted to do with him and we got them all done plus a few extra ones.

Taking pictures of children when they are young is very important. It is the only  way you can look back at the  past.

He will be getting a little brother in May so I need to be planning out his pictures.

His twin sisters were never as cooperative as he was. They always do two different things or look two different directions. Although their last photo session we had they did do better than any other time.

Take pictures so you will have those memories to look back on. Get a photographer to capture memories of your family at least a few times a year.

I am thankful I am able to capture these special milestones of my grandchildren’s lives.


Phone pictures vs photographs

I am a photographer and I take a lot of pictures with my cameras. I only use my phone for quick shots of something that I know will not be printed.

I know a lot of people who use their phones for pictures all the time and this bothers me. No one prints from a phone picture so your memories are on your phone. They share them on facebook and that is the end of it. Those pictures will never make it to a photo album they will never be seen again.

Why because someone never bothered picking up a camera to document their memories properly. We have so many family members who do not take the time to get out a real camera.

I love looking back at old pictures from when I was a kid. If there was no one using a camera, this would not be possible. Someone took the time to take some pictures and have them printed and placed them in an album.Those pictures can be shared and passed down for many generations.

Take out your camera and truly document your life, your memories, your children’s lives and your grandchildren. Then have some prints made for a photo album. That way 50 years from now your great grandchildren will have memories of you and your family. They can sit back and laugh about how people were dressed and how the houses look so old fashion. It is worth taking the time to do this.

Phones get outdated, computers crash, but real prints are always there representing the past and the people who lived it.

There is an older song by Nickelback that is called “Photograph” listen to the words and you can understand where I am coming from. It is important to document all your memories properly.

Wildflowers for mom | Manvel, Texas Photographer

When you were a little child do you remember seeing wildflowers pop up after a rain?

It was almost like the rain brought the seeds for the flowers and overnight these pretty little white flowers would show up. These have always been some of my favorite wildflowers.

My sister and I use to pick these flowers for our mom. We would see who could pick the most and we would be running through the yard gathering our bouquets of flowers. Many times when we would get back in the house we would notice a few did not have stems. Our mom would still manage to put them all in a vase for us to see.

Years later when we had children they use to pick these same flowers for me. Often times there were no stems on them just the flower.

I saw these little flowers the other day after a rain and it brought back so many memories for me. Sometimes it is the little things in life that mean so much.

Sonya Lira Photography Sonya Lira Photography