The inspiration of a grandmother

My grandmother taught me so much in her lifetime many lessons I will never forget.

We called her Mama Dot and she taught me to appreciate the little things in life, be grateful for what you have and never be materialistic.

She taught me how to enjoy working in your yard and making it beautiful. Then you can stand back and look at what you created.

I have several things in my yard that came from hers. Now I know the reason she always shared things from her yard was so she could always be remembered. 

She loved listening to the birds sing and feeding them. I think that is one reason I love doing this.

She spoke from the heart and was never fake she did not believe in sugar coating anything. I guess that is where I get the guts to voice my opinions and speak from the heart.

Today so many people sugar coat everything they say and they are just so fake.

Mama Dot was very special to me and I knew I could always count on her whenever I needed some advice, a hug, or just a friend. I knew I could count on her inspirational words of wisdom.

Her unconditional love for me meant it was a real love with no strings attached her love was genuine.




Life Lesson #1 – Storms will pass

Life Lesson # 1 –  Storms will pass

There are people in our lives that turn every situation in life to be about them because they have to be the center of attention. We tend to call them the “Drama Queens”.

They will never say ” I am sorry” or never admit any wrong doing.

They love to talk behind people’s back and play one person against another like a game.

What they do not realize is some people already see them for who they really are.

The storms they have created in my life the last few years have only made me stronger.





Amazon vs Walmart

I love I have said that many times before. Amazon Prime is worth the yearly membership.

There are things I buy at Walmart but I never stick to my list. When I have a list of 10 things and I go to Walmart and I impulse buy at least 20 more things. In the end, I spend more money by going to Walmart even over picking up the same things in the grocery store.

Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon Panty by offering free shipping with no yearly fee you just have to spend $35.00 to get free shipping. I am not sure about everyone else but I rarely spend less than $100.00 at Walmart. has its advantages because since you are not in the store it means there is no impulse buying so it does save you money in the long run.

I do feel sorry for the mail people having to deliver all these extra packages.

I will keep my Amazon Prime membership just because Amazon was my first 2-day shipping thing I fell in love with about three years ago. Last year I ordered 77 times from them.

The convenience of things shipped to your door is wonderful because it saves you time and money.



After Christmas Sales

I have been going to all the stores and hitting the sales since Christmas. This is something I love to do but this year is the first time I have gone alone.

I have been to Macy’s, Kirkland’s, Joann’s Fabric, Petsmart, Ulta, Cosco, Yankee Candle Store, Hobby Lobby, Pier 1 and a few stores I probably forgot.

There are still plenty of great deals out there and many are now 75% off. Have you found any great deals?



Happy Thanksgiving | Sonya Lira Photography

Thanksgiving is the time of year we get together with family and friends laugh, tell bad jokes and eat until we are about to pop.

The great smell of food though out the house, every kind of desert one could imagine.

That look on a small child’s face as they grab a cookie and run and everyone knows the children are having a sugar rush.

I will eat a few of my favorite things without counting the carbs. Last year I skipped my favorite things but this year I will get a few bites of them. I have come too far in the last year to screw it up now.

This is the time of year we are thankful for everyone and everything in our lives and we are grateful for the time we have with each other.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Drive safely and be careful.