The inspiration of a grandmother

My grandmother taught me so much in her lifetime many lessons I will never forget.

We called her Mama Dot and she taught me to appreciate the little things in life, be grateful for what you have and never be materialistic.

She taught me how to enjoy working in your yard and making it beautiful. Then you can stand back and look at what you created.

I have several things in my yard that came from hers. Now I know the reason she always shared things from her yard was so she could always be remembered. 

She loved listening to the birds sing and feeding them. I think that is one reason I love doing this.

She spoke from the heart and was never fake she did not believe in sugar coating anything. I guess that is where I get the guts to voice my opinions and speak from the heart.

Today so many people sugar coat everything they say and they are just so fake.

Mama Dot was very special to me and I knew I could always count on her whenever I needed some advice, a hug, or just a friend. I knew I could count on her inspirational words of wisdom.

Her unconditional love for me meant it was a real love with no strings attached her love was genuine.





We have two close family members that fall into the pathological lying category.

I went my whole life without realizing the older one was a liar. Funny the day you realize someone has been a liar your entire life it changes everything about the past.

Now I am wondering if the older one taught the middle-aged one how to lie. It is quite interesting when you think about it. What are the odds for there to be two in the same family in such close relation that are both pathological liars?

You have to love it when the pathological liar never admits they are wrong and NEVER says I am sorry.  Instead, they just makeup lies about you and change the subject of the conversation. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves and their low self-esteem.

When you have two doing this together it is like a lethal weapon to everyone around them. Some of us are wise to what is going on others just play along and some chose to ignore the whole thing and pretend it will just go away.

It is always better to stay far away from these type people and have no contact at all with them because nothing good ever comes of their lies.


Happy Thanksgiving | Sonya Lira Photography

Thanksgiving is the time of year we get together with family and friends laugh, tell bad jokes and eat until we are about to pop.

The great smell of food though out the house, every kind of desert one could imagine.

That look on a small child’s face as they grab a cookie and run and everyone knows the children are having a sugar rush.

I will eat a few of my favorite things without counting the carbs. Last year I skipped my favorite things but this year I will get a few bites of them. I have come too far in the last year to screw it up now.

This is the time of year we are thankful for everyone and everything in our lives and we are grateful for the time we have with each other.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Drive safely and be careful.

The ups and downs of life

This quote hits close to home for me. I think we all need to re-evaluate the people we allow to be part of our lives.

Make sure the people in your life are there for the right reasons.

Relationships no matter if it is family or friends takes two people who are willing to be in the relationship for the right reasons. Make sure any relationship is a healthy one for you both.

When someone continually rubs stuff in your face it’s time to step back and see if they are really worth your time and effort.

Never let anyone drain you emotionally do not give them that control they are not worth it.



A bright new day | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Every day we are greeted with a new day and a new sunrise. Some days are more spectacular than others but they never disappoint us.

Life, on the other hand, changes some people are always there for you through the good and the bad and others are not.

You have to get to the point in your life that you have no expectations for the people who always disappoint you. That way you can never be hurt or let down.

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Positive People

A friend of mine sent me this via text message on Monday. She knew what kind of day I was having and she thought this might help.

This quote really made me stop and think about a lot of the people in my life. Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how much effort we put into our relationships with other people it is never enough.

Relationships are a 50/50 deal it takes two people to make it work.This is the same in every situation from mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters and even friends. One person can not make any of these relationships work by themselves you both have to put forth some effort to make the relationship work.

The negative people in your life will drain you and make you feel horrible about yourself even though you have done nothing wrong. The way they view their life will rub off on you.

The positive people in your life will make you feel good about yourself and you will  be happy. In return, you will spread that happiness around and pass it onto others.

I have come to the conclusion that I need a lot more positive people in my life.