Instead of deleting this blog I think I will keep it but I am trying to decide now how to keep both blogs without them being mirror image blogs.

My domain name on this one is Sonya Lira Photography but I could name the blog itself something else without actually changing the domain. Although I could change the domain.

Should this one strictly be everything about photography including tutorials and how-tos?

The other one can be some photography,  DIY, some just general post etc? I could move the DIYs from this blog to that blog.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I need help lol..

Thank You



Lavender bath bombs | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I decided I wanted to make some Lavender bath bombs.

There are so many recipes on Pinterest and I was not sure which would work the best.

Most of the supplies I ordered on Amazon because with Amazon prime I get free shipping and I find the prices are really competitive. The fact that it is delivered right to my door is a plus.

I used this basic recipe but added the color and more drops of oil.

Bath Bombs

1 cup citric acid  ( this makes the bath bombs fizz )

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup cornstarch

Mix all the dry ingredients first.

12 drops of red food coloring – 8 drops of blue food coloring ( for purple color ) if you want a darker purple play with the drops a little to get the right shade.

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

10 drops of Lavender Essential oil

I doubled the recipe because the package of citric acid I had ordered just happened to be perfect for doubling it. I also added a bit more food coloring and essential oil just because.

There are so many options for pans or molds. You can use the coffee K – Cups for molds, the small plastic easter eggs,  you can form them with your hands and place them on wax paper. I used my pecan tassie pan and a star cookie pan. Just make sure you pack the ingredients in tight and let it dry 24 – 36 hours before removing them.

I let mine dry out for about 36 hours they came out of the molds just fine none of the broke but they seem to be a little bit crumbly. I will let them dry out some more before wrapping them up.

When they are completely dry wrap them in plastic wrap and tie them with a tiny bow to make them cute. You could put them in a clear jar in the bathroom with a lid for some added color. Maybe set some in some drawers or in your towel cabinet for the smell.

I love trying out new things and this is something I will definitely be doing again.






Changing things

Why is it when you think you are going to redecorate one room it turns into three rooms?

Pinterest plays a key role in why I start these projects in the first place.

We started out changing our den and entry hall and now we have ended up changing the den, entry hall, dining room and kitchen. My husband and I have worked so much over the last two weeks and we are both tired of it.

You think that painting is all you are going to do. Then you buy new throw pillows, throws, a new rug, a few new pictures, placemats, vases, rearrange some furniture and before you know it the whole place looks different.

Then you start thinking to yourself ” I am not sure I like this paint color in the den”. Paint is what started this whole thing I hate picking out paint colors.

The final touches are being done this week and hopefully, that is it for awhile.




Daisy’s Painted Chair | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Pinterest has turned me into an avid DIY’er. I get so many ideas and my list keeps growing.

Last weekend I took on the challenge of making my own chalk paint and painting Daisy’s fabric chair.

This chair did not match my office at all and I was tired of the draped throw over the chair it looked quite sad. I wanted to attempt painting it gray.

After researching on Pinterest about 5 different ways to do this I finally settled on this recipe for Chalk Paint

3 tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate ( I found mine at Sprouts).

1 cup latex paint (egg-shell or satin)

1 tablespoon of water.

You need to wet the chair with a spray bottle first but just get it damp not dripping wet. I did this one section at a time so it would not dry out.

Apply a thin coat of paint over the wet area working the paint in as you go. The thinner you do this will keep the chair from getting way to stiff.

It took me 3 coats of paint and I sprayed my sections with water between each coat. The chair is stiffer than outdoor fabric but this is Daisy’s chair she is the only one who sits or lays in it. I washed her throw and folded it int the bottom of the chair.

I forgot to do a before and after picture, I am really bad about doing that.

Here is a picture of Daisy’s chair that matches my office. The chalk paint gave the fabric a suede look and since the fabric was patterned it slightly shows through which only adds to the look. It does not look like a painted chair the only way you would know was if you touched it.

Sonya Lira Photography



DIY Backyard Makeover | Manvel, Texas Photographer

We decided the corners of our backyard were quite boring and dark. A little tree trimming lightened up the corners quite a but it is too hot to get any more done right now. We decided what we needed was some color.

This is the first corner that is completed the second one is still a work in progress.

I took a few old plastic Adirondack chairs and spray painted them and some flower pots in bright colors. I knew the corner needed to be bright in order to make it show up against all the green.. We had a willow tree stump removed and I took the slices from that and used them to set the flower pots on.

I kept seeing art poles on Pinterest, I wanted one so bad but I wanted one that was different. We picked up a 4 x 4 post and that was what I painted my art pole on. I remembered in kindergarten doing the lines and coloring in the sections. I used that basis for the art pole. I used acrylic paints and sprayed the whole thing with some clear sealant. I let it dry added stones and mirrors and then I added a metal bird house on top that was on sale at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off. This project cost about $25.00 that is a guess since I had some of the stuff like paint, stones etc.

My husband picked up some rebar for me and I painted some wine bottles in bright colors. Any bottle will spray paint quite easily just remove the labels first by soaking them in  a sink full of soapy water. Let the bottle dry over night. I painted a few of the bottles several times because I did not like the way they looked. It is a good thing spray paint is cheap.

The dragonfly was also a Pinterest idea made from fan blades a spindle and I accented with mirrors. I am using the mirror tiles to get more light back there from reflection. The blue stone ball was another project I had seen where you glue the stones to a bowl or light globe mine was a fish bowl-shaped bowl. I tried using E6000 but the stones kept sliding off. I used hot glue and the stuck fine but when the sun heated them up about 1/3 of the stones fell off. I know there has to be a solution I am still experimenting with different options. You can pick up the stones at the dollar store.

Doing a backyard makeover is actually easy,fun and inexpensive.  It can make a huge difference in the look you want to achieve. A little color pop can really change a boring corner into something great to look at.


Manvel, Texas Photographer

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Back porch makeover | Sonya Lira Photography

Our back porch had a natural wood floor and some thick curtains. Everything was beige and brown and I was quite tired of it. It was time for a makeover and it needed some color pop.

I knew I wanted something bright and fresh looking. I used two colors you see together sometimes but not too often. The porch is 15 feet x 20 feet which is really perfect for get together’s.

We stained the floor with a solid color stain it was Cape Cod Gray by Olympic we had picked this up at Lowes. It turned out great we used two thin coats with a roller. I highly recommend this product.

The curtains I had ordered online at Ikea they are thin and flow well when there is a breeze they remind me of cabana curtains. When I found them I knew they would complete the look.

The small table was a glass top table and my husband spray painted the entire thing red and now it looks like it’s a vintage metal one. Everything that is red and turquoise we painted.The child’s wooden chair I picked up for a few dollars at a local junk store.

I made the sign using a canvas and wooden letters. I glued them on with E-6000 glue. The first time I painted it I did not like the way it turned out so I had to redo it and the letters were already glued on. The lesson I learned was it was much easier to paint the letters before gluing them on.

The wicker furniture and the vintage coke cooler we already had. I knew someday that coke cooler would come in handy again. Now it is used as a back porch ice chest.

Many years ago my grandfather had gotten me a vintage church pew it has been in several rooms in our house over the years and now were using it on the back porch. I believe I remember his saying someone had taken some large church pews and cut them down to smaller sizes. This was the first time it has been painted.. I still need to make the cushion it will be the red/white chevron. I am looking at no sew options since I do not like to sew.

I have been looking for new c-shaped cushion covers or cheap cushions but so far no luck. We have 6 wicker chairs out there and I am not one to pay $35.00 – $45.00 per cushion. For now they are just fabric wrapped and it works out okay. Hopefully someone will be running a cushion sale sooner than later.We have a few more odds and ends to do on the porch and it is complete.

This is just part of our backyard makeover there will be more pictures soon on what else we have been up to.

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Manvel, Texas Photographerporch3

Sonya Lira Photography