Starting over

In case you missed my last post I am starting a new blog.

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Sonya Lira’s New Blog

Now that I named the new blog  I am rethinking the name I know it is a good idea to snag your own domain name just in case and since domains are cheap I have no regrets on that. I will also keep this domain  name. I am just wondering if I should have named the new blog something else. UHHH!

I honestly hate second guessing myself about this but I do it all the time on stuff like this.

There have been 3 post on the new blog, I am in the process of setting up albums of my favorite pictures from this blog. I am going to try to be organized for a change.

Yesterday I had a BIG disaster I restarted my computer and all of a sudden Windows had deleted all my pictures in Lightroom there was not 1 picture in there and there was over 50,000. I about had a heart attack.

I literally pulled off my fake nails and made my real nails bleed underneath. Note to self this is NOT a good idea. My fingers hurt today.

Last night I finally found part of the pictures and this morning the rest of them. I started importing them back into LR again. I have no idea WHY Windows 10 did this but it really made me mad. I need to be moving pictures to my external drive tonight while I am sleeping.

I am one of those people who sends stuff to the desktop so I can find it easier. I have documents in folders, folders of pictures you name it on my desktop guess what it was all gone.Those I have not found yet and believe me I have hunted.

Nothing is every easy when I am in the middle of trying to do something like start a new blog that is when disaster strikes.



A new blog & a new start

I ran a portrait photography business for ten years with great success.

The only problem was it took up all my weekends then I spent all week long editing pictures.

About 2 1/2 years ago I realized life is too short to spend the rest of your life doing this. That was the day I shut down my business and since then I have no regrets.

I still do portraits but now it is only of family and friends. This enough for me to get my fill of portraits, be creative and keep my skills sharp.

My husband and I love working in our yard, going on day trips and taking Daisy with us exploring trails and hiking. Since shutting down the business we have had the time to really enjoy doing these things.

This blog is running out of space even though I have deleted some pictures and some post it did not make much difference.

I attempted to start a new blog one time before but never really got it going lack of time got in my way. I would love for you all to follow me to that blog.

It will be a little bit different than this one. I want to have nature and pet photography, share photography advice, share stories, opinions, and DIY.

This blog will stay up for now and I will post on it occasionally but I am trying to transition to the new one as quickly as I can.

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Sonya Lira


Mr. Bird is back | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Mr. Bird thinks it is a treat to go into the studio for pictures.

He sees Daisy go in there pretty often and I think he gets a little bit jealous so I decided it was his turn.

When I get really brave I will do try and do the two of them together since they are best friends.

He likes dressing up I decided to use his bow tie again but this time with tulle as the backdrop.

I think he feels important in his bow tie and looks ready for his business meeting. He liked the warmth of the studio lights and when we were done I had to pick him up and carry him out of there.

In case you’re wondering about his name when he was a kitten he wanted to sit on your shoulder perched like a bird so the named sort of fit him. The Mr.was added a few months later to keep from confusing the little kids about why a cat was called Bird.

When kids are little and learning their animals just think how they feel when you show them a bird and then you show them a cat called bird.

Our animals are part of the family and their pictures deserve to be blown up and placed on the wall with the rest of our pictures.



Immigrants to our country

Most of us in this country had ancestors who came here from other countries. I think many of us have forgotten this.

I know my family came from Great Britain and Europe West and my husband’s family came here from Italy. They were all immigrants to this country who came here on large ships.

They arrived not knowing anyone and not knowing where to go in this large place we call the United States.

Many times families could only send one son at a time because it was all the money they had then that son would come here and work and send money back home for the next son to come.Eventually, one families goal might be to send all their children to live in the United States.

Our ancestors became U.S. Citizens after moving here because they wanted a better life they wanted to live the American Dream. Young men and women at ages 16 and 17  left their families behind to pursue this dream.

Today many immigrants move here because they want the benefits and the voice but they do not want to become a U.S. Citizen.

How long should our country give you to become a U.S. Citizen?

Immigrants are eligible for benefits through our government it is our way of welcoming you here and helping you to get a start at a life in our country.

How long should you get these benefits as a Visitor to our country?

Would your country do the same for us because I find that the United States is very generous more so than many other countries?

I think in order to get those benefits, it should be required that you become a U.S. Citizen within a certain amount of time. If not the benefits are cut off and you should be deported right away.

If you are an immigrant here and become a criminal you should be deported right away no questions asked. Our jails are overcrowded and we have enough criminals already we do not need anymore.

If you are a criminal already you are not allowed to come here, to begin with.

Why are you so angry at us and protesting our government we gave you the chance for a better life?

If you are NOT a United States Citizen you have no right to be angry at our government you have no say so you are just a Visitor here.  You can not sue our government because you are not a citizen. Remember this was a choice you have made!

The current system is flawed and we do need to make some changes sooner than later. What we have now is no longer working. We can not continue to support people who have no intention of becoming citizens of our country.

The immigrants who move here and want a better life do become United States Citizens they have a voice and an opinion and they have a right to say what they think. I wish you all the best and welcome you to our country.

This is my opinion and my suggestions on the subject of immigration because I am a United States Citizen.

Snap chat and Instagram dangers

Parents of young children or teens please tell your children NOT to post a picture of a location they are at on any of the apps like Snap Chat or Instagram. Tell them not to post places they frequently go to on facebook or other social networks.

I know many adults who post everything they do and everywhere they go. First of all, who really cares where you ate lunch and who you ate it with.

Two young girls one 13- year old and one 14- year-old were dropped off to go hiking in Indiana and they were going to be picked back up later on. The next thing you know when it was time for the girls to be picked up they were not at the location they were missing.

It seems one of the girls posted a picture on snap chat of the other girl while they were hiking.

Kids like many adults like to brag about what they are doing so others will know.

The next day their bodies were discovered near where they were hiking. It seems to me like someone stalked them off that snap chat picture. This is just my theory on this whole ordeal.

There are sick people out there stalking people but especially our children and our grandchildren. The only way to stop this is to make children aware of the dangers of posting pictures of landmarks and giving to many details online.

Tell them they have to be smart about posting pictures online because you never know who is watching.

I will attach a link to the article I read this morning. This really upset me please pass this onto to anyone you know that has children or grandchildren.

Missing Teens from Indiana



The natural landscape | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Sometimes when you are in the wooded areas at the state parks you notice some interesting things.

I love the way this fallen down tree makes the most beautiful planter. I could just see it in our yard. Of course, things like this are too heavy to move and you are not allowed to move them anyway.

None the less I fell in love with this tree and I visualized it filled with flowers. Maybe next time I will take some flower seeds and plant them in it where it sits.