Toxic people

We have all known toxic people whether it be a friend, acquaintance, or a family member.

Toxic people need a victim and if their victim is no longer around they will reach out to the next person they are closest to.

You can not please a toxic person no matter how much you do for them it is never enough because they feel like everyone owes them something.

You have to have enough Self-Respect and Self-Love to understand that no one should be allowed to belittle, insult, shame or ridicule you.

The day you realize that this is Verbal Abuse you will wonder why it took you so long to see it. This is not a healthy relationship for anyone.

Everyone deserves to be treated with love, kindness, and respect.

There comes a time in your life you need to shut the door and slam it hard behind you.

That will be the day you can start healing and feel the calmness entering your life because you are now free of the abuse.

That is the day you will realize you are no longer a VICTIM.


The inspiration of a grandmother

My grandmother taught me so much in her lifetime many lessons I will never forget.

We called her Mama Dot and she taught me to appreciate the little things in life, be grateful for what you have and never be materialistic.

She taught me how to enjoy working in your yard and making it beautiful. Then you can stand back and look at what you created.

I have several things in my yard that came from hers. Now I know the reason she always shared things from her yard was so she could always be remembered. 

She loved listening to the birds sing and feeding them. I think that is one reason I love doing this.

She spoke from the heart and was never fake she did not believe in sugar coating anything. I guess that is where I get the guts to voice my opinions and speak from the heart.

Today so many people sugar coat everything they say and they are just so fake.

Mama Dot was very special to me and I knew I could always count on her whenever I needed some advice, a hug, or just a friend. I knew I could count on her inspirational words of wisdom.

Her unconditional love for me meant it was a real love with no strings attached her love was genuine.




Life lessons

I think we all grew up and learned a few life lessons

  1. Never talk back. – This one was hard, especially during your teen years.
  2. Do what your told to do. – What kid ever cleaned their room the first time.
  3. Be Polite –  Always say please and thank you.
  4. Forgive and Forget- When someone is mean to you just let it go.
  5. Apologize – to those you hurt say I am sorry.
  6. Focus on the present not the past. – Do not keep looking back at the past focus on the present.
  7. Learn from your mistakes – If you do something wrong next time do it right. Do not do the same thing over and over again.

Life’s lessons are something we have all learned through the years.

I am grateful for the life lessons I have learned. I think they have made me a better person.


3 Days 3 Quotes – Day 1

I am thankful to Connie of Basildon kitchens for inviting me to participate in the 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge.

I happen to love quotes so this is one challenge I do not mind at all.

The rules are easy; post three quotes on three consecutive days, thanking the person who invited you and inviting others to join you.

I nominate Tom from  THOMAS PEACE’S NATURE-UP-CLOSE PHOTOGRAPHY AND MINDFULNESS BLOG to join the party. Tom post some great pictures as well as many inspirational post on his blog. Check out his blog I am sure you will love what he has to say. Tom, I know you are up for this right?

Would anyone else like to join us?


Reflections and words

I love reflections especially if it involves water.They allow us to see another side to what is being reflected. Reflections can be quite beautiful.

A reflection also means that it is an opinion formed or a remark made after careful thought.

How many people do you know that spit out their words without thinking first and they do this to try to hurt someone else? There is no careful thought involved in these words.

The words people say will always be with you but how those words affect you is up to you. Do not allow someone to affect you with their words. The majority of time people’s words are to ignite a reaction out of you but remember you are in control of your reactions, not them.

Remember the saying ” Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me”. Those words are worth remembering.

Sonya Lira Photography

Life | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Life is full of obstacles that stop us from moving forward. It is full of doors we need to open, fences we need to climb, and bridges we need to cross but most of all it is full of challenges.

Every day is a new day for us to enjoy and surround ourselves with the people who want to be in our lives.

Sonya Lira Photography