Grandkids & shots

Our youngest grandson Adrian recently turned a year old.

Our daughter took him in for his shots. Later the next week he broke out with the measles rash from the MMR shot.

This started on the trunk of his body and quickly spread. There were so many bumps there was no way to count them all.

His pediatrician said she had only ever seen one reaction and it was 6 -years ago and nowhere near as bad as he was.

We are still waiting for his bumps to completely go away so I can do his pictures.

They have started to fade on his body but he still has some on his face.

Children need their shots but always be aware of the possible side effects.


6 thoughts on “Grandkids & shots

  1. I know Dawn the thing about this kid no matter how sick he is he still manages to smile. He has always been this way since he was a tiny baby. I think he had a few tough nights with the itching but other than that maybe a low fever was about it. He looked rougher than it actually was. He is the first one of our kids or grandkids to have a reaction to a shot like this and considering we had 4 kids and we have 7 grandkids I guess that is not too bad of odds of one in eleven.

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