Instead of deleting this blog I think I will keep it but I am trying to decide now how to keep both blogs without them being mirror image blogs.

My domain name on this one is Sonya Lira Photography but I could name the blog itself something else without actually changing the domain. Although I could change the domain.

Should this one strictly be everything about photography including tutorials and how-tos?

The other one can be some photography,  DIY, some just general post etc? I could move the DIYs from this blog to that blog.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I need help lol..

Thank You




6 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Just be you!! I don’t know if you use categories at all, but it helps sort content better for readers I find. My readership can be best subdivided into one of three: Soil, Birds, and Vegan. For photography and video though, I can’t stress enough the need to embed media from a cloud storage site to keep from busting the storage limit before you’re ready.

    • I use categories and tags to help with the sorting of the content I post. I am going to try and get with my isp next week I have been going 1000 different directions lately.

  2. Not sure, whatever works for you. That being said… 😉 I think this one could be strictly photography and the other everything else, including pictures of course, since that is what you do, but this one all photography and nothing else.

  3. Write about where your thoughts are in the moment. Don’t worry about what to include and exclude. You’re made of so many different thoughts and ideas, don’t put restrictions on your blog.

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