Immigrants to our country

Most of us in this country had ancestors who came here from other countries. I think many of us have forgotten this.

I know my family came from Great Britain and Europe West and my husband’s family came here from Italy. They were all immigrants to this country who came here on large ships.

They arrived not knowing anyone and not knowing where to go in this large place we call the United States.

Many times families could only send one son at a time because it was all the money they had then that son would come here and work and send money back home for the next son to come.Eventually, one families goal might be to send all their children to live in the United States.

Our ancestors became U.S. Citizens after moving here because they wanted a better life they wanted to live the American Dream. Young men and women at ages 16 and 17  left their families behind to pursue this dream.

Today many immigrants move here because they want the benefits and the voice but they do not want to become a U.S. Citizen.

How long should our country give you to become a U.S. Citizen?

Immigrants are eligible for benefits through our government it is our way of welcoming you here and helping you to get a start at a life in our country.

How long should you get these benefits as a Visitor to our country?

Would your country do the same for us because I find that the United States is very generous more so than many other countries?

I think in order to get those benefits, it should be required that you become a U.S. Citizen within a certain amount of time. If not the benefits are cut off and you should be deported right away.

If you are an immigrant here and become a criminal you should be deported right away no questions asked. Our jails are overcrowded and we have enough criminals already we do not need anymore.

If you are a criminal already you are not allowed to come here, to begin with.

Why are you so angry at us and protesting our government we gave you the chance for a better life?

If you are NOT a United States Citizen you have no right to be angry at our government you have no say so you are just a Visitor here.  You can not sue our government because you are not a citizen. Remember this was a choice you have made!

The current system is flawed and we do need to make some changes sooner than later. What we have now is no longer working. We can not continue to support people who have no intention of becoming citizens of our country.

The immigrants who move here and want a better life do become United States Citizens they have a voice and an opinion and they have a right to say what they think. I wish you all the best and welcome you to our country.

This is my opinion and my suggestions on the subject of immigration because I am a United States Citizen.


4 thoughts on “Immigrants to our country

  1. I think this is the way most Americans feel. They are all welcome here if they will just do it properly and legally. The handouts out country give them is better than anything they’ve ever had, no reason to become a citizen then. ItS a shame those who disagree see us as haters. We know that is not true. Good post.

    • Thank you. I hope I am not viewed that way. I just want them to see what is right in front of them and what their options are. Many of the ones complaining and picketing have been here for 20 years. I mean seriously how do you let 20 years pass you by like that and not become a citizen of the United States I just do not get it.

  2. The problem is that it is very hard to get into our country legally, thousands of times harder than it was 150 years ago, and people are so desperate that they come in illegally. Once in illegally,there is no path to citizenship. Any time someone comes up with a path to citizenship for them, they (the politicians offering the path) are cut down for offering amnesty to criminals (the “illegals” broke the law by entering the country). It isn’t just liberals – even some big name Republicans, like George W Bush, had plans that had a path to citizenship that were shot down.

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