Snap chat and Instagram dangers

Parents of young children or teens please tell your children NOT to post a picture of a location they are at on any of the apps like Snap Chat or Instagram. Tell them not to post places they frequently go to on facebook or other social networks.

I know many adults who post everything they do and everywhere they go. First of all, who really cares where you ate lunch and who you ate it with.

Two young girls one 13- year old and one 14- year-old were dropped off to go hiking in Indiana and they were going to be picked back up later on. The next thing you know when it was time for the girls to be picked up they were not at the location they were missing.

It seems one of the girls posted a picture on snap chat of the other girl while they were hiking.

Kids like many adults like to brag about what they are doing so others will know.

The next day their bodies were discovered near where they were hiking. It seems to me like someone stalked them off that snap chat picture. This is just my theory on this whole ordeal.

There are sick people out there stalking people but especially our children and our grandchildren. The only way to stop this is to make children aware of the dangers of posting pictures of landmarks and giving to many details online.

Tell them they have to be smart about posting pictures online because you never know who is watching.

I will attach a link to the article I read this morning. This really upset me please pass this onto to anyone you know that has children or grandchildren.

Missing Teens from Indiana




10 thoughts on “Snap chat and Instagram dangers

  1. Horrible, Sonya. Just tragic. I’ll go one further: ‘accounts’ other than for school should NEVER be in the hands of a child under 17, and by 17 I really mean not in college.

    It’s okay to say NO, parents. Your kids will thank you one day.

    Children are not equipped (cognitively) to manage the risks associated with an on-all-the-time digital world. The risks are many, varied, and can span a lifetime.

    There are plenty of ways for kids to keep in touch with friends and share creatively than be allowed to jump on the current binge fringe — which fully-grown parents barely comprehend).

    Like drugs, sex, smoking, dietary choices, parenting is hugely important in this infant digital age. Step up to the challenge.

    • I also think that there is no need for a cell phone in elementary school or junior high. In fact, they do not need one until they are in High School and that would be when they start driving in case they break down or something they can call home. Kids are pushed to grow up too fast because they are influenced by society. I say let kids be kids. When our older two were in jr high and had athletics after school and needed to call home there was a pay phone out front of the school and when you made a collect call it says to say your name at the tone they would say pick me up and hang up and the call was free. It worked great for us at the time. Back then no kids had cell phones, in fact, it was not until our youngest daughter was a sophomore in HS that she got a cell phone.

  2. Thank you! You are so right about this…this is a sick world and there’s no need to invite danger to your life. I had a fbf who loved posting pics of her na
    daughter topless, although she was a child) but there are perverts out there..I said something to her and she got kinda upset (which baffled me) but we have to protect the children…it’s a disgrace what happened to those girls. My heart goes out to the family

  3. I have taken fun pics of my grandkids that will never get posted online for that very reason. I can only imagine the heartache these two families are going through. Last I saw they had a description of a guy that was in the vicinity at the same time of the girls so hopefully it was a lead in the case.

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