Wintertime at the beach| Manvel, Texas Photographer

Friday we took off to catch the sunrise at the beach and we barely made it.

As soon as we pulled onto the beach the sand was instantly soft and my truck got stuck.  I think the wind had blown all the soft sand up closer than the normal areas for it.

I hopped out of the truck because it was already 7:09 a.m. and the sunrise was at 7:15 a.m. so I had no time to waste. Next time I am leaving sooner because the pre-sunrise colors were even prettier.

I grabbed a few quick shots then suggested to my husband that he put some wood I had spotted under the tires and voila we were out and driving down the beach. We did find a better place to get out at.

Daisy enjoyed running down the beach while holding her leash in her mouth she pretends to run herself. Sorry, I did not get a picture of that.

We only saw one other person out on the beach that morning.

It was a quick visit due to the cold but it was fun and Daisy enjoys getting to go somewhere.




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