Two years ago | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Two years ago today September 1, 2014, my dad passed away from adenocarcinoma. He had esophageal cancer.

It seems like yesterday when I was taking him back and forth to his chemo and radiation appointments. Taking him to the hospital for testing, going to the hospital to see him.

Even though they say time heals all wounds I do not believe that. I think the loss of a parent is hard no matter what your age is.

One day you wake up and realize you will never see your dad again, never get to say goodbye and most of all never get to say ” I love you” again. This is a day you will never forget because your life is changed forever.

The memories are all you have now. I love you Dad and I will never forget you.


6 thoughts on “Two years ago | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. I’m sorry Sonya. It’s hard to lose a parent. And so hard to lose them to a disease like that. I hope you continue to share your fond memories of your Dad. I know that sometimes that helps…remember the little stuff and tell us about him. He won’t be so far away that way.

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