WordPress storage space and upgrades

I am using 72% of the storage space that WordPress allows us on the free blogs.

We are allowed 3,072 MB and I am using 2,196.60 MB.

For $5.99 a month I can get 3 GB of space this one has the remove ads option and it has basic design customization.

For $8.25 a month I can get 13 GB of space. This one has advanced design customization and the remove ads option.

I really see no need in getting the one for $24.92 a month.

If you ran out of space and upgraded which choice did you make and why?

Are you happy with your choice?

When I was running two blogs this probably would not have happened for a long time but it was harder on me trying to keep up with two blogs. This blog will be 3 years old in January.


9 thoughts on “WordPress storage space and upgrades

  1. I wanted to post music early on (haven’t done much since) so I upgraded to a $20/year option that increased space and allowed mp3s.. I’m not sure how much storage I have, but I’m only using a little bit of it. Of course, although I post photographs, my blog isn’t as photo-centric as yours.

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