Lazy Daisy | Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

Daisy rarely gets on the couch or the loveseat but when she does she makes sure to grab a pillow or two.

Behind her is a double window and in front of her is the front door. The catch lights in her eyes are from the front door light.

There is nothing more beautiful than natural light, especially when taking pictures in the house without the bright outdoor light.

She is only this still when she is napping that is the only time I can call her “Lazy Daisy”.

Pet Photography Pearland and Manvel


2 thoughts on “Lazy Daisy | Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

  1. She was very comfy but was sulking because I was out in the heat and left her inside. Sometimes it is too hot out there for her. Our temps have been 95 – 99 degrees but with the head index it has been feeling like 111. We play fetch at 6:30 a.m or 7:30 p.m. Thanks Tom.

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