Thirteen years old | Pearland, Texas Photographer

Friday morning Preslie would not wake up so I sent Daisy in to get her up and it worked like a charm.

We had planned on being in Galveston at the beach by 7:30 a.m. but it was actually that time when we left. We are about 1 hour from Galveston. When shooting at the beach it is always better to be there as the sun is rising.

We did a few pictures at the beach, a few on the jetties and we were going to go to Pleasure Pier but it did not open until 11:00. Instead, we headed for the strand and did some pictures there for about an hour. It was so hot and we were burning up so we stopped to have an ice cream cone I do not normally eat ice cream but I did that day.

We did a few more pics on “The Strand” and then went back to the Pleasure Pier we paid $20.00  to get on there to realize it was too hot and too bright to shoot so we left. We did a little shopping at Murdock’s on the beach.

We ended our day in Galveston by getting a hamburger at The Spot they have the best hamburgers. I got mine with no bread open face with guacamole. I am not sure why I never thought about topping a burger with guacamole but it’s really good.

Preslie and I had a wonderful time spending the day together. She has picked out 3 locations for her pictures so this is the first of the three.

Here are a few of my favorite pics but there are too many cute ones to post them all.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer



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