Local news in Houston, Texas | Manvel, Texas Photographer

In Houston, Texas there seems to be a problem with some of the local new stations. Instead of actually reporting the daily news they repeat the same news.

A few days ago they reported a story and then repeated the same exact story the next few days during all the news times.

People who do dumb things on our freeways will continue to do this because of the news coverage they get from stations like you. This is not news this is reporting stupidity.

From now on I will be watching another local station on KHOU – Channel 11. Thank you Channel 11 for reporting our news.

People get very tired of hearing rerun news the local news should be the daily news.

My advice to KTRK – Channel 13 is to get your reporters out there and actually report the daily news.

You ask for people to share stories and pictures with you but when do you actually use those stories?  Maybe you could use those stories instead of reporting reruns!

There is plenty of local news out there it is just obvious other stations cover it better than you do.

KHOU – Channel 11 is Number 1 in my book because the real news does matter.




4 thoughts on “Local news in Houston, Texas | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Thanks for raising this Sonya – the dumbing down of news throughout the world is very worrying, at local levels and nationally and internationally. There seems to be a real disconnect these days. More news please!

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