Credit and debit card scammers

In our area of Alvin, Manvel, Pearland and Rosharon Texas there is a lot of credit and debit card scams going on.

If this happens to you all you have to do is think back when the last time you used your card was and you can trace it back to where it happened.

About a month ago we used our credit card at a popular local restaurant we handed it to the waiter to pay for our meals. NEVER hand your credit card to a waiter we learned this the hard way.

They can take a picture of your card on their phone and send it to the scammers who are paying them to do this. I am not saying all waitresses and waiters are involved but there are plenty who are. We had 400.00 charged on our card just a few days later. Now I reported the charges to the credit card company and told them they were not ours. In just a few days the charges were removed from my card and a new card was issued. This happened in Pearland, Texas.

The same week we swiped our debit card outside at the gas station. Never do this take it inside to pay and guess what your amount will be. Remember do not leave your credit card or debit card.

The scammers alter the outside gas pumps and the owners of the stations never go outside to check them. We had another 200.00 charged on our debit card. I cancelled the debit card, went to the bank filed a report and two days later we had our money back. This also happened in Pearland, Texas.

Our daughter and her husband have had their debits cards scammed 4 times in the last year. Their fraud has happened in Manvel and Pearland, Texas at the gas stations.

I have a friend who used her debit card this past week at a different restaurant than we did she handed it to the waiter. Her card was copied and used a few days later they charged $200.00  before she caught it. This also happened in Pearland, Texas.

I have recently found out there are scanners some of the scammers carry and all they have to do is walk by you and your purse or wallet and they are able to scan the entire thing. I also heard there are apps on their phones they can do this with. If anyone around you is acting weird when you are paying for a purchase beware because they are probably scamming and skimming your card.

Only carry one card at a time so this can not happen to you.

They can even steal gift cards.

  1. )The lessons we learned are do not hand your waiter or waitress your credit card or debit card.
  2. )Never swipe your card at the gas pump go in a pay.
  3. ) Pay with cash when you can to avoid all issues.

I hope by sharing our experiences with this we can help someone else avoid this.



8 thoughts on “Credit and debit card scammers

  1. Ouch. One problem is that the credit card companies don’t go after small time scammers, it’s easier and cheaper to just cover the costs. Until we punish people pretty harshly this will be a source of easy money for the unscrupulous.

  2. I think it is to the point now we have to be smarter than they are. The banks need the technology to get it before it happens. I know on our cards they had already made copies of them to use at local stores.

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