Miles and miles

This is my latest badge from Fit Bit that I received this past week. I love it that you get badges for your accomplishments.

I have walked 736 miles since December 14th. which is when I purchased the fit bit. I try to walk 4 to  5 miles a day, of course, some days are a little less and some days are more.

I recently learned I have venous insufficiency my CEAP is Class 4.  I get the throbbing, heaviness and skin staining at this time. When I am walking it hurts sometimes but I still walk because of my determination to get healthy.

My veins involved are the small and great Saphenous Veins. During surgery, they can only do one vein at a time so this will involve 4 surgeries my first one is later this month. I am not looking forward to doing this at all but I know if I do not do it then it will only get worse. The next stage you can develop skin ulcers and I do not want to deal with that.

Varicose veins are pretty much an inherited trait but some people have them and do not know. Not all varicose veins can be seen sometimes you just have the symptoms. You can get an ultrasound and this will determine if you have vein disease or not.

Surgery has come a long way since my grandfather was in the hospital to have the vein stripping done many many years ago.

I will be having out patient surgery this will be Laser Ablation of 4 Saphenous veins and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy of multiple veins.

They say this will not affect my walking, in fact , they encourage you to get back to your exercise routine the very next day.

Daily exercise is so important to our health and well-being, and walking is something most of us can do. I actually enjoy walking whether it is outdoors or on my treadmill while watching tv.

When you start out walking take it slow and work your way up then you will find it much easier to keep up with.

There is a saying ” if you don’t use it you will lose it”.



13 thoughts on “Miles and miles

  1. Sorry to hear of your vein issues and I hope the surgeries go well. I like to walk but can’t do much more than a half mile for to my bursitis in both hips. If I do more then I’m in severe pain for days. Must make those bursa angry!

      • They have… If it hurts… Don’t do that! So I push myself as far as I can and then rest afterward with the heating pad. I’ve gotten cortisone injections but that’s not something I want to keep doing. Not good for ya. But what is?! ☺️

  2. Best wishes with the surgeries! You are walking a LOT! I try to get to 13,000 steps, which is just over 5 miles, but some days I don’t make it. OK. A lot of days lately I don’t get there! You are inspiring!

    • Thank you. I hope I can encourage others. I love the fit bit and all the information it provides me. After a year if I want one that does more than the fit bit charge I will just buy it. I think the best part is it shows us just where we are at. Keep up the good work Dawn.

  3. Keep going it sounds like you are doing great! I love the badges as well…..humans like rewards lol hope all goes well with your op. Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s something I will probably have to face in the future as I’ve had varicose veins since I was 13 😦

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