Variegated Ginger | Texas Photographer

Variegated Ginger is a beautiful plant that thrives in the shade but can be grown in light sun.

The plant blooms these beautiful pods that turn into these white buds then they open up to a beautiful yellow/orange flower.

Our ginger has grown and multiplied so much it is time to move some to somewhere else.

Everything around us changes every day. Somethings like the ginger put on a show for us to enjoy..

Ginger5SonyaLiraPhotographyGinger1SonyaLiraPhotographyGinger3SonyaLiraPhotographyManvel, Texas Photographer



10 thoughts on “Variegated Ginger | Texas Photographer

  1. That is a beautiful plant! Should you ever decide you’d like to ship some up north, let me know! I’ll gladly pay the shipping! 🙂

  2. We had some White Ginger at our previous home. So fragrant! With the lack of winter, our Variegated is thriving as well. Lovely photos, Sonya.

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