Zoodles and Swoodles

I love Zoodles and I just read a recipe about Swoodles I can not wait to try them out.

If you have no clue what I am talking about you buy a spiral slicer and some zucchini squash then get out that spiral slicer it is almost like a giant pencil sharpener. Then stir – fry them in a little olive oil and voila you have zoodles. You can add a marinara or a alfredo sauce to them if you want or you can eat them like that. If you are eating healthy like I am make sure it is a low carb recipe for the marinara and alfredo sauce.

Swoodles you do the same thing but with a sweet potato. Sometimes people do cucumbers for their salads and carrots. You could cook the carrot spirals as well.

The spiral slicer is a lot of fun to use and it allows you to be creative with healthy options using veggies rather than pasta.

I will enclose a link to the spiral slicer I bought.

Spiral Slicer





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