Daisy turns three | Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

Daisy turned 3 years old this month.

Our weather has been pretty rainy and muddy for a photo session. This picture is one I took awhile back.

One of her favorite things to eat is peanut butter in her kong. I also give her the empty peanut butter plastic jar. Talk about keeping a dog occupied she will not put it down. A boxer dogs head will not fit down in the big peanut butter jar eventually, I will cut the jar down for her to get to the bottom.

Daisy is super smart and you can tell her different things to go get and she will bring them to you. Last night I said  where is your peanut butter jar, Daisy? Next thing I know she brings it to me.  She will bring  you her monkey, her baby, her ball, and her bone. You can even ask her where Mr. Bird (the cat) is and she will go look for him. They are best friends and love to snuggle with each other.

She knows when I have been to the store she will have a surprise in one of those bags. Normally it is a big ham bone to gnaw on or one of the teeth cleaning bones. I alternate with these two things because she loves them so much.

You can ask her if she wants a treat and she sits down waiting for her dog biscuit. I buy  those big cases of these for her. Everything I buy her has to have the made in the USA sign on the box.

Playing fetch is a daily thing around here. When it’s raining Daisy gets so sad she gathers up her balls and tosses them at you. She will do this over and over and it makes you feel terrible. I try to give her some special treat during these times but in her eyes, nothing replaces her fetch time. Jack and I take turns on playing fetch with her because this is at least a 30 minute non-stop chucking the ball across an acre or more.

Happy Birthday, Daisy thank you for making a difference in our lives.

Manvel, Texas Pet Photography



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