Windows 10 updated without permission

Windows 10 kept trying to get me to upgrade. I shut off the automatic updates so it could not upgrade me automatically. I thought that would protect me.

I got up Monday morning to find out I now have Windows 10 and I never wanted it. My computer was chosen to be updated without my permission and from what I hear this has happened to many others.

Did this happen to you?

I miss the simple things like the calculator I always used. Multiple tabs down on the taskbar. I loved having easy access to my programs from the start menu.

I really do not like Windows 10 at all.

It should be our decision to update or not NOT Microsoft’s.



14 thoughts on “Windows 10 updated without permission

  1. I totally agree – I do not like Windows 10 at all – hubby has it on his laptop! … also without his permission … just an automatic update…and the updates just keep coming…

    I’m so happy that I have a MAC!

  2. I agree. A cousin of mine did the click to update to Windows 10 and lost everything on her hard drive. And now this? I don’t think they have any right whatsover to do this without your permission. Have you contacted them?

  3. I voluntarily updated to 10. I don’t find it as annoying as 8 was, or Windows Me..but I do miss the simplicity of XP. Heck! I’d rather run DOS!! However, at work the computer that is online did upgrade ‘all by itself’. We were told NOT to upgrade, but it did!! Thank you Microsoft for getting me in trouble and yelled at!

  4. Unfortunately, I can’t even comment about Microsoft and Windows 10 without using a lot of profanity. That should give you an idea of much I empathize with you in regard to your Windows 10 incident. lol

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