The joys of working in the yard| Manvel, Texas Photographer

We love to spend our weekends working in the yard.

Lately, we have been working on our backyard because that is where we spend most of our time.

I told Andrew the area we are working on is called ” The Secret Garden” he just loves that idea. I gave it this name because the outside fence is covered in plants and vines so it is like a pocket area of the yard that you can not see until you go through the gate.

It was a dog pen for the outside dogs and since we no longer have outside dogs we might as well use the area. It is quite large about 20 – 25′ x 14 – 16′ area that has several trees that shade it in the mornings.

I have bought a few broom plants, gardenia, hibiscus, plumbago, durantha and some flowers like petunias and marigolds for this area. I wanted this area to be full of color at every turn.

We are considering adding a turtle pond to the secret garden area and I mentioned it to Andrew who thinks he found the perfect place for it. He sometimes likes to be the construction engineer making key decisions on our projects.

In the greenhouse, we had several pots of the wandering jew and the purple heart jew that would work great in this area. These two plants a piece falls out in the greenhouse and grows on the ground in the gravel.
We had plenty of sword fern in the shade bed so I moved about 15 bundles of it and even though they are in shock right now I expect them to come out of it soon.

I mowed the yard yesterday while Jack used the weed eater. This will free up the weekend so we can trim the hedges and plants and beautify the flower beds. There are also a few trees that need some limbs cut.

Our yard has been a never-ending project we are always changing something or adding something new but it is something we are very proud of.


2 thoughts on “The joys of working in the yard| Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. I know what you mean about the “never-ending project”. Ours is the same, made more of a challenge due to the fact that we had our conservatory rebuilt last year and then took off to Australia for three months. This meant that, during the construction phase, the garden alternated between builders yard, building site and quagmire. Then while we were out of the country the garden took our absence as the green light for wild and abandoned growth. Only now, nearly 9 months later, are we starting to make progress with cutting back the plants, and, yes, some tree pruning just finished this weekend. We’ll be starting the recover program for the lawn that was chewed up by caterpillar tracks and builders boots and then, like you, trying to inject some colour back into the whole.

    Good luck with your “project”. It will be worth all the effort that your putting into it.

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