Two years old twins | Manvel, Texas Child Photographer

Our youngest two granddaughters turned two years old March 29th. I am not sure where the time has gone.

Karina is the turquoise and Sophia is in the red. They call each other ” Sissy” and they call their big brother ” Bubba”.

They love to spend time outdoors and play in the sand pile and the swimming pool. They have a large wooden playscape and they like to be up top on the fort and slide down the tallest slide. These two little girls have no fear because they are just two little monkeys who are always on the go.

They love to swing every day and they will hold onto to anything that they can pick up their legs on and swing from and they will say ” Wee” and when you hear that word you know they are swinging from something. They even swing from my treadmill.

They love wagging around their baby dolls, feeding them and wrapping them in blankets. I know we have bought three baby dolls for them and they have a  lot more.

Yesterday we did their pictures and they gave me fifteen- minutes of their time and they were done. They have always been this way they just do not have time for a longer photo session. Their big brother would sit and pose all day long he was very cooperative and still is.

We shot these pictures at 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning and it was almost too bright to be shooting. Our days have been beautiful lately and full of bright sunshine and warm temperatures.

Another year has gone by and these two little beauties have grown up way to fast. We thoroughly enjoy spending time with them and spoiling them.

Manvel, Texas Photographer Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer



15 thoughts on “Two years old twins | Manvel, Texas Child Photographer

  1. Sonya, where has the time gone? I can’t believe already 2 years seemed like yesterday you posted pics of them when they were babies..they are so adorable and I love the fact they call each other Sissy.. Too cute

  2. OMG they are so cute, I can just eat them up. Love those outfits, and those pigtails are adorable. Great photos and beautiful girls.

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