Daisy’s Painted Chair | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Pinterest has turned me into an avid DIY’er. I get so many ideas and my list keeps growing.

Last weekend I took on the challenge of making my own chalk paint and painting Daisy’s fabric chair.

This chair did not match my office at all and I was tired of the draped throw over the chair it looked quite sad. I wanted to attempt painting it gray.

After researching on Pinterest about 5 different ways to do this I finally settled on this recipe for Chalk Paint

3 tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate ( I found mine at Sprouts).

1 cup latex paint (egg-shell or satin)

1 tablespoon of water.

You need to wet the chair with a spray bottle first but just get it damp not dripping wet. I did this one section at a time so it would not dry out.

Apply a thin coat of paint over the wet area working the paint in as you go. The thinner you do this will keep the chair from getting way to stiff.

It took me 3 coats of paint and I sprayed my sections with water between each coat. The chair is stiffer than outdoor fabric but this is Daisy’s chair she is the only one who sits or lays in it. I washed her throw and folded it int the bottom of the chair.

I forgot to do a before and after picture, I am really bad about doing that.

Here is a picture of Daisy’s chair that matches my office. The chalk paint gave the fabric a suede look and since the fabric was patterned it slightly shows through which only adds to the look. It does not look like a painted chair the only way you would know was if you touched it.

Sonya Lira Photography




8 thoughts on “Daisy’s Painted Chair | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. I’ve seen this, and debated trying it, did it make the fabric hard and crunchy? We have chairs in our parlor room that aren’t sat in very often, but don’t want them to crunch when people do! Any advice?

    • It is a bit stiff but not hard and crunchy. I would not really want to sit on it. For Daisy I added her throw in the seat part because she sleeps in this chair all the time. What color are your chairs? I have seen where people dye them and that would probably work for a light colored chair.

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