This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Time.

Technology has surely changed our cameras over time and they get better and better.

They Hawkeye Brownie Flash Model was produced from September 1950 – July 1961.

The AE-1 came out in 1976 and I got this one around 1980.

The Canon 50D came out in August 2008 and I got my first one of two of these cameras about 2010. These were great crop sensor cameras.

I currently shoot with the Canon 5D mark 2 which came out in September 2008 and I bought mine a few years later. This is my first full frame camera.

To get the best bang for your buck on the new more expensive digital cameras it is always better to wait one year or more after the release because that is when the price drops $500.00 or more.

Manvel, Texas Photographer



9 thoughts on “Time

  1. Your post and image sure takes me back. My first camera when I got serious about it was a 2 1/4” twin lens reflex. Then I also used a Crown Graphic and a 4×5 view camera (not mine but available for my use). I had a horrible time using 35mm but finally did in the 1970’s. Bought my first digital in 2004. I’m still not exactly excited about digital… but it is what I use. I love looking at the old cameras… it sure is a stark reminder of time passing by!

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