After Christmas sales

Did you find any great bargains on the after Christmas sales?

I finally went yesterday and I found those outdoor spiral lighted trees 2 in a box for $12.00. Then the Christmas balls in the plastic bucket were $2.50. As I was about to leave that area I spotted those tiny flashlights 3 in a package for 2.00. I bought two of those. I did get next years Christmas cards National Geographic ones for $2.00 for 18.

I felt like I did pretty good on my bargains for the day.


4 thoughts on “After Christmas sales

  1. Thank you for your support during my first year blogging. I really appreciate it. You made my list as one of my top commenters! Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photographs… especially as I am buried in mountain snow.

    • Thank you Jen. I think the yearly reports are quite useful to all of us. I try to post on blogs I find interesting. We have no snow here in Texas just a cool front this week and it will probably be back to 80 degrees next week lol.

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