A beautiful smile | Manvel, Texas baby photographer

The holidays offer us the opportunity to meet some of the new members of our family we have not met  before.

This little one is our great-nephew Kevin’s and Alyssia baby daughter Journey Irene. They live in Oklahoma so this was our first time to see her.

She is a 8 – months old blue eyed beauty who seems to be comfortable with anyone who wants to hold her. I never saw her cry at all in the time we were around her. Happy babies are always nice to be around.

Her hair sticks straight up just like Kevin’s did when he was a baby. In fact, she looks a lot like her Daddy.

She had on a really cute Christmas dress, but you could tell she was not comfortable in it. Her grandmother changed her into something more comfortable after all it was 80 degrees on Christmas day in Texas.

I really enjoyed my quick photo session with Miss.Journey she seems to be quite photogenic. If she lived closer she could be one of my little models.

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Manvel, Texas Photographer



9 thoughts on “A beautiful smile | Manvel, Texas baby photographer

  1. Sonya we are truly happy and thankful of the pics you took of Journey. It really does seem like she is a natural. Definitely the easiest baby ever for me to get pics done.

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