Daisy the snowman | Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

I had found Daisy the cutest snowman costume for her Christmas pictures.

This year I got an XL since last year’s sweater seemed tight in the large. It was still tight through her chest. I really do not think they make actual clothes that fit a boxer dogs square build.

I tried my best to pull the hat part on her head, but there was no slack left in the costume to keep it on her head.

I had Jack to come in the studio with me and bribe her with cheese. Daisy does her sit and lay commands really good, but the problem is she never learned to stay for more than 45 seconds. I do contribute that to her hyperactivity. When she put her arm on the back of the chair we both started laughing.

Daisy the snowman in the perfect pose slobber and all.

Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer


21 thoughts on “Daisy the snowman | Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

    • Someone needs to come out with a line of clothing just for boxers. Not that Daisy would go for more than one time a year of dressing up but it would be fun if she would lol.I was thinking that toddler tshirts might be the best option I am going to try a few of our grandsons on her soon.

    • It’s not just that she’s a bit stockier, the costume makes her chest look like a much bigger part of her body, not just wide, but length. Oh, BTW, (shameless plug) yesterday I posted a picture of our first boxer dressed in costume. It was part of my post on Christmas cards. (end of shameless plug 😉 )

  1. Yesterday she brought her KONG to Jack she wanted some peanut butter in it.. She ate that out of it and brought it back dropped it at his feet she thought she could get more he said “Daisy you do not get this just because you bring me the KONG”. She is really smart but tries to get her way to much lol. Have a great Christmas Tom.

    • She would probably say that. She loves going in the studio because I keep that door shut so it is like a treat to get to go in there at all. She knows when she goes in there its picture time. After we had her sit in the chair we moved it so I could do some of her just sitting on the ground she went and got back in the chair off to the side lol.

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