My hair disaster

My hair is a medium to dark brown and I normally get highlights and low lights in it, but I decided to try something different this year.

The person who normally does my hair moved so I needed a new hairdresser. This lady had cut my hair one time so I figured she would be fine to do my color. WRONG!

I was about 5 % grey so I figured my best bet might be to get my hair colored instead of the highlights and lowlights. Sounds fairly simple right? NOT!

I specifically said I do not want any RED in my hair. My hair was red. I was quite upset. It was not a flaming red just a red that I did not like. I questioned her about and she said it was honey colored. I thought it was just me so I asked my husband what color is my hair he said “its red.”

By this point I was feeling like Lucille Ball but it was not that red but to me it might have well as been.

I decided not to go back to the person who screwed it up even though she would have had to fix it for free. I figured if she did not listen to me the first time what was the point of trying again.

The young lady I went to  listened to me and my hair is exactly what I wanted.

It frustrates me when people do not listen especially if I am paying them $85.00 for a service. I paid another $75.00 to get it fixed.

The lessons I learned were to never trust just anyone with my hair. Never go back to the first place again.

I found a new hairdresser that I will continue to go to from now on. She had to clean up someone else’s mess, but she did a great job and most of all she listened. She even fit me in last-minute which says a lot. When someone pays money for a service they should always get what they asked for nothing less.


12 thoughts on “My hair disaster

  1. That’s terrible! It’s unfortunate that some people don’t have the intention to satisfy and do a good job before getting’s only for the money 😦 I’m glad your hair is how you want it now. Hairdressers and dentists are always the hardest to replace!

  2. Why don’t you killed her? 🙂 So you’ve paid first $85 and then another $75 to get it fixed. That’s $160. And then you went to another hairdresser to get it fixed again. Other money, other fun. SO, WHY DON’T YOU KILLED THE FIRST HAIRDRESSERRRRR? :))

  3. Years ago I learned to find a colorist through references from people that used her (or him). Not everyone is good with color. You are lucky the second one turned out to be great. She earned a good tip!

    • The second one was great I will go back to here and next time just stick to my highlights and lowlights. She said you can consider this hair color a low light and just get highlights but that’s another $75.00 right now I feel like I have spent enough on my hair lol.

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