Bully Bird | Manvel, Texas Photographer

We get all kinds of birds at our bird feeders it depends on the time of day.

These little birds came in with the robins on Saturday. I think they are starlings but not positive about that.

Actually they turned out to be cowbirds thanks to Shannon for identifying them for me.

As you can tell it was raining but that did not stop them from wanting to eat. I love the look of the rain in these pictures. If you look closely you can see the water drops on their wings.

I call the one bird on the right-hand side the” bully bird” look at the way he is bowed  up to that other bird. Does this remind you of anyone?

Birds are a lot like people there is always one trying to be the boss and push everyone else around.

Sonya Lira Photography

Sonya Lira Photography



12 thoughts on “Bully Bird | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Great photos Sonya 🙂 They aren’t starlings, they have finch like beaks, but I couldn’t tell you what they actually are. And yep, birds are so often like humans, or more to the point, we are so often like them! (Birds were here millions of years before us newcomers to the scene!) 🙂

  2. You have most splendidly captured a group of female Brown-headed cowbirds. They swoop in, make a mess of the place, then leave again in a flurry. Like other blackbirds, they are equipped to empty an ‘open’ feeder in seconds flat.

    Love that last one. 😀

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