Rough terrain | Manvel, Texas Photographer

My husband and I made a trip to the Texas Hill Country for a few days.

The weather was very overcast and sprinkling rain most of the time, but we did not let it stop us.

We spent a lot of our time walking in rugged terrain at  Pedernales Falls State Park it is located near Johnson City. When you make the turn to get to this park you think you will never get there it is way up the top of a mountain.

The Pedernales River is varying heights depending on how much rain we have had. As you can see the river was low while we were there.

The river makes it way through cretaceous beds and older limestone which they say are over a million years old. The natural formation of this rock is truly breathtaking. Years of flash floods and drought have made dips and crevices in the limestone.

This park is gorgeous, but I would not advise it for young children or older adults. You can take pictures from up top, but you can not get to the bottom without lots of straight down natural steps with no rails. We made it to the bottom on one part but gave up trying to get to another part because we would have had to jump down about four feet. As you get older you become a little bit more cautious.

Daisy pretty much dragged Jack up and down the natural steps. She liked being outdoors but hates being on her leash. She would not drink the river water at all she walked through it and splashed it,  but, she was not going to drink it. I finally got a few pictures of her tied to a post she would not pose on top of the rocks for me which would have made a beautiful portrait.

Today I am thankful we were able to make this trip and enjoy nature and all her beauty.



15 thoughts on “Rough terrain | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. It’s good for you two to get away for a while. I had never gone away until last summer, and could never understand the reason for it, but it does help cleanse the mind a bit. And, it helps that you went to such a beautiful place! Good for you!!

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