The best deals

Going shopping on Black Friday is something I enjoyed for years. I no longer do this because it’s just dangerous people are pushing and shoving and I hate it.

I prefer to do most of my shopping online. I have Amazon prime so I can get free shipping on most everything I need to buy. Most stores will offer free shipping during the pre- Thanksgiving Day sales or on Cyber Monday.

I am trying to get into the mood to get my Christmas shopping done. I have bought a few gifts, but I am nowhere near done.

I find it a bit strange this year that so many stores are doing Pre- Thanksgiving day sales.

If you would please share your experiences with us.

  1. Do you go Black Friday Shopping if so what are you looking for?
  2. Do you think it saves you enough money to justify fighting the crowds of people on Black Friday?
  3. Do you shop online if so how much shopping do you do online?
  4. Do you think Cyber Monday deals are as good of deals as Black Friday deals?
  5. What is the best deal you have seen so far?

Just in case you have not seen the sale papers yet here is a link to all the Black Friday Sales and some online sales.

I am thankful I will not be fighting the crowds this year but instead enjoy the online shopping.

Black Friday Sales




7 thoughts on “The best deals

  1. As I live in England this Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff is all new to me! There is no way whatsoever I would join in with rampant crowds as too many people freak me out but as I do a lot, in fact most of my shopping online I am waiting with anticipation to see if I get to grab a ‘great deal’ on Friday or Monday. I wonder???

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