What happened to the fireflies?

When I was a little girl I remember my sister and I running through the yard with a jar in our hands trying to catch fireflies.

They were all over the place 100s of them I think we actually caught a few and put them in a jar for a little while and then let them go.

When our children were young we saw them but not often.

I never see them anymore what happened to the fireflies?

I know they live in the summertime. They are not really a fly at all but instead they are a beetle they spend most of their lives up to two years living underground as a grub. When you see the lightning bugs or fireflies that is actually their last two weeks to live. They use their lights to communicate with each other.

I did some reading and some people think it has been the recent droughts in Texas, light pollution, fire ants or the marshes being taken over by development.

Whatever the reason I sure do miss the fireflies.

I am thankful for the fireflies and I sure do hope they come back to Texas.

This picture was found on the website Fire Fly Experience they have some beautiful pictures of them check it out.  Fire Fly Experience



13 thoughts on “What happened to the fireflies?

  1. I will intentionally ‘let my grass go’ in the summer as soon as we begin seeing them. They like tall grasses, and though St. Augustine turf will give them ample cover to romp and mate for a short while (blades can grow to 12″ or more), the HOA always steps in making us shut down their little orgy party.

    Humans are no fun. 😀

    We enjoy them for a short while as they emerge, can even chase and catch some! A real fav for kids, but you are right. Nothing on the order of the seemingly endless numbers of our youth. Thanks for the share.

  2. I really do miss them. I think it is sad they are not a lot of them anymore.I am glad you still have some. My husband leaves our pasture for the honey bees to have clover in the spring and summer. I really rarely see one firefly.

  3. I’m in NC and we have lots of them. I love them. When I look out into our woods in the middle of the night I’m astounded by the beauty and illumination of all the blinking.

    My nephews live in TX and were awed by them when they came to visit the first time because they had never seen them.

  4. That is a stunning photo of a firefly Sonya. The closest thing to a firefly that we have in the UK is a ‘glow worm’ which is actually a beetle, the female is wingless, and sits at the tops of blades of grass in the summer evenings, emitting a green light to attract the winged males. But like you’ve said, I just don’t see them anymore, but for me that could be connected to where I live.

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