Secret in Their Eyes

I want to see Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman’s,Chiwetel Ejiofor new movie  ” Secret in Their Eyes”.

This movie is a remake of a movie called ” El Secreto de Sus Ojos”  from Argentina. The  actual story line was changed in the movie.

I always wonder how they come up with the story lines for movies. Maybe they just get some ideas from watching the news there is always some strange, horrible things that happen every day.

This movie sounds like an amazing, action packed, emotional drama that will probably make everyone cry. This movie would be something that would be so unbearable for any parent to deal with but I know all moms will relate to Julia Roberts.

Here is a preview of the movie it came out yesterday now you tell me don’t you want to see it?

Secret in Their Eyes

I am thankful for the talented writers and directors of the good movies we get to see.



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