My abused computer

My computer gets used and abused every day. I rarely give it a break. I believe this one is about 5 – years old now. It is still running great and it never lets me down.

I use it to keep up with the news and the latest events that are going on in the world. I do a lot of research using my computer. I have always been very interested in the medical field.

Do you remember when home computers and internet were not available and you had to go to the library to do all your research?

When the first home computers did come out they were so heavy to move and quite loud. The first internet was dial up and it was so slow and very loud when it was dialing up.

Every day I write a post for this blog using my computer, I read other blogs, post comments and LIKE many other blog articles. I love reading other blogs and their post. Many of you are very creative writers.

I store pictures on it edit pictures on it and view pictures on it.

Every day I check my email, delete the spam emails and reply to the good emails.

Pinterest is my idea board I check it out several times a day on this very computer. It gives me great ideas for projects that mostly involve my husband having to build something lol. He does not seem to mind doing the projects he sort of jokes now and will say, ” let me guess you found this on pinterest”.

All these things would not be possible without my computer.

I am thankful for my computer it is my favorite piece of technology and I use it every day.


19 thoughts on “My abused computer

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    • I know what you mean Trent. I think were all addicted to technology. I have a kindle fire hd7 and a off brand one that is a bit bigger.I have a lap top that probably has been turned on 40 times. I rarely use my smart phone to get online because I have a hard time reading it. I need bigger screens to see good lol.

      • I don’t use my phone the way kids do, but I do use it for a lot things. I have a 2 year old Kindle Fire that I love. These are some of the reasons I like taking walks on the beach or in the woods without my phone or a camera. Just need a little time away from all of the technology….

  2. I think computers are the thing that we will depend on more and more for many thing we need in life. I do not mean only big one sits on your desk or laptop but also mean smart phones and tablets too. They are computer as well.

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    Sonya has nicely reminded me of how important my computer is, and how easy it is to take it for granted. Life would be so different without it.

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