Breaking Family Tradition

This year our family traditions are changing. For almost 37 years of marriage, we have done the same thing every year for the holidays. We have been there for both sides of the family even when it meant eating two large meals in a day.

We have four grown children and the older two are never around to spend the holidays with our family. They both live out of town but are not too far for a quick trip. There are plenty of excuses, but the truth of the matter is you find the time to spend the time with those you want to spend time with.

Our younger daughter is always there for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. She loves spending time with both sides of the family. She lives about 15 minutes from us. She is the only one of the four children who still lives close to home.

Our youngest son is a United States Marine and he has been at Christmas or Thanksgiving every year since he enlisted over 4 years ago. He was just home on leave this month for 18 days and we really enjoyed our time with him. It looks like this year he may not be able to be home for either holiday.

This year my husband and I have decided were doing something different.

Life is not always about trying to please other people. Sometimes you have to put yourself first and do something you want to do before it’s too late.

Here is to breaking family traditions.



22 thoughts on “Breaking Family Tradition

  1. Ha! We are ALL about breaking ‘tradition’ where it just seems silly. You already know we decided to make our own tradition for Thanksgiving. After all, it’s about being grateful, not about slaughtering others. ( I hope it works out for you, Sonya!

  2. Oh I so agree with you! I’m trying to break some myself and after the first of the year I’m not doing birthday meals for kids and grandkids on their birthday. It’s too hard to get everyone to agree on a good time when they can get together. Someone else will have to carry that torch! There will be a few more I break also…they just don’t know it yet!

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