My little visitor

Every time I need to talk to my dad he seems to send me a sign. This has happened to me two times since my dad passed away and both times it involved a squirrel.

My dad and I shared this love for wildlife and he fed the squirrels, raccoons and birds in his yard. I feed the birds in our yard.

Both times I saw the squirrels they stopped and looked at me and let me take a few pictures before running off. We rarely see squirrels in our yard and I have only gotten to photograph them twice.

It was as if my dad was trying to let me know that he is always there to listen and he knows everything that is going on.

Look closely at the picture of the squirrel posed in the oak tree. I think he had his arms crossed. I wish the picture was a bit clearer, but I had to aim and shoot or I would miss the shot all together. It is quite hard to aim the 400 mm lens quickly due to how heavy it is. The orange color behind the squirrel was the berries I posted a few weeks back.

Thank you, DAD, for sending me the squirrel!

I Love You and miss you so much.

Squirrel2Sonya Lira Photography


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