Cell phone junk calls

Has anyone else besides me been experiencing large volumes of junk calls on their cell phone? We had our home phone disconnected for this same reason a few years ago.

In one day, I might have 10 calls from different states I never answer them because I do not know people in these states. I am really getting tired of it.

I am on every do not call list out there. Does anyone have any ideas how to get these to stop other than to have my number changed?




13 thoughts on “Cell phone junk calls

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  2. I have similar situation but not as 10 calls in a day. I simply ignore them and they appear to go away on their own.. However, they are quite persistent before they stop in my case.

  3. Every time there is a sales call (not a charity or political) I report it on the national do not call list. You can’t stop the charity and political calls. Anyway, every time I get a call I report it and after a few calls/reports magically they all stop for several months. Start back up i start reporting them again.

      • Yes, if you are registered people are not allowed to call you. The government will fine them for making calls to the no call list. Most of the calls come from a handful of huge call centers around the country, not from the individual companies, so if they get fined when they call you, they’ll stop calling.

      • I’ve only done it a couple of times. One time I was getting the same call every day, three or four times a day. I would tell the person over and over not to call any more. After a week I put in a complaint and the calls stopped almost instantly.

  4. In Canada we have a “do not call” registry. I have added my cell number to it and have inly received a few calls so far. I do not answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize. I totally agree it is dreadfully annoying. Good luck.

  5. Not fun. I’ve noticed more unknown calls from out of state, too. I just let them go to voicemail. No message, no worry! If I happen to accidentally answer one, I politely ask them to remove my number from any of their call lists and DO NOT CALL. I put our numbers on all the do not call lists, too. Seems to be a waste of time and I have no answers on how to get rid of them.

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