Duck Duck Goose | Sonya Lira Photography

Yesterday I took our grandson Andrew to a local park we strictly went to feed the ducks and we were so lucky to get to see a goose.

He told me that there is one goose that is the king of the ducks. He opened his pretend book to find this fact. He zoned in on this goose and they became friends. Although when he wanted to pet him I told him I was not sure if he would bite so it was not a good idea.

In this picture, these two friends were having a conversation.You can tell this goose was quite a show-off.

I save my old bread tear it into pieces and stick it into the freezer for a day at the park with the ducks and geese. They were very hungry and glad to get the crumbs we took.

Going to a local park seeing the ducks and one goose, taking a few pictures and enjoying a beautiful day is something special we enjoyed doing with just the two of us.

Sonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira Photography


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