The colors of fall | Manvel, Texas Photographer

This is Pyrancantha Angustifolia the more common name is narrowleaf firethorn. It makes these beautiful orange berries in the fall. The branches have 1″ long thorns on them that really hurt if you get stuck by them.

They are  perfect to use in decorating. Trim a branch off and place on a fireplace mantle, as a table centerpiece or just use the berries in a clear vase they are quite beautiful.

We have two of these and they are really big. We have them on a side fence line, but their color does stand out. When the weather gets cooler the berries seem to get a brighter colored orange.

The colors of fall are quite beautiful. I wish we had great fall foliage here but when the trees lose the leaves they just turn brown there is no in between. I hope to capture some fall foliage next month in the Texas Hill Country.

Sonya Lira Photography Sonya Lira Photography


4 thoughts on “The colors of fall | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. I think we have something like that here in MI…some people up the road have a tree with orange berries like this. We also have a vine that has orange berries in the fall called bittersweet. It’s invasive…but so beautiful. Every year I try to find a little bit of it to keep on the mantel all winter.

  2. My mom has a fireplace mantel and she always wants some for it. I just think wherever you put the branches and berries they add a special touch of fall. Especially as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. I might need to look into that vine to see if it grows here. I love vines.

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