Bumpy cat

This older cat was known as Bumpy Jr. he was the spitting image of a cat we had years ago named Bumpy.I know it was his offspring.

For the last three years, or so Bumpy Jr. has been coming by here to eat. During the last year and half he would stay from 3 – 5 days never leaving. He would lay out on the deck as if he owned the place. He never bothered anyone he was a good old tom cat.

It took awhile, but I could pet him, but I was the only one who could. He knew he could trust me. I even put flea medicine on him last month since he traveled I figured he needed it. I know he appreciated that.

Two weeks went by and I had not seen him so I knew something had happened to him. He was never gone from here more than three days at a time.

I really wish people would pay attention when they are driving and avoid hitting animals in an area that the speed limit is 30 mph. He truly touched my heart and I hope he knew that. I will miss him and his visits.

Sonya Lira Photography


26 thoughts on “Bumpy cat

  1. I have some good news I guess my BIL was wrong because this morning bright and early Bumpy Cat Jr was out here ready to eat. I was shocked when I saw him he was very hungry. Like I said it has been a few weeks since I have seen him. This is great news I feel so much better.

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