Traveling Texas

We bought a 2015 travel trailer with our daughter Jeanelle and her husband David. We made an agreement that we will not be loaning the travel trailer to anyone. It is strictly for them and us to use.

We came up with the idea that it would probably get more use out of one if we split it. They are taking it to the river in the Texas hill country in October. We are headed there in November to see the fall foliage.

This travel trailer is the” Forest River Surveyor” it sleeps 10 people it is a bigger one than we had planned on getting but lighter than we thought it would be. It has one slide out that makes it feel more roomy in the den, dining, and kitchen area. No, we do not plan on taking a bunch of people with us camping.

At some point, we may by that weekend home we have been talking about, but we decided to wait. This was a much cheaper option for now. If your first home is paid for your travel trailer is considered a second home and is a tax write off. I did not know this, but we will use that tax write-off for sure.

We love the great outdoors and so does Miss. Daisy. Now we can go camping in style and comfort. I am looking forward to taking pictures of the new places we come across.

Texas has 54 state parks and our goal is to try and see most of them.

I hope we can use this travel trailer about every three to four months to start with and eventually more often.

We are going to be traveling Texas in a travel trailer.

Sonya Lira Photography



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