Tower cranes in the sky | Houston, Texas Photographer

Everywhere you look in downtown Houston you will see new construction.The green space is disappearing right before our eyes.

I was quite surprised to see Discovery Green being swallowed up by new construction surrounding it. It once stood out amongst the buildings that were near it. I almost missed seeing it that is how much things have changed over the last year. Minute Maid park that once stood out so proudly is no longer visible from the Hilton Americas or the George R. Brown.

These tower cranes are an example of progress, construction and things changing in downtown Houston. There are three different tower cranes in the first picture all on different buildings that are currently under construction. This was only the ones in a two block section. We saw several more while we were down there.

In every city, all the downtown areas with skyscrapers need some green space and views outside of the maze of buildings. Otherwise, people are like rats in a maze with no way out and no way to breathe.

What once was has changed forever and never again will it be the same. Progress is great in a growing city, but sometimes it gets to the point it needs to stop.

Sonya Lira Photography

Sonya Lira Photography

Sonya Lira Photography


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