Skyscrapers Houston | Manvel, Texas Photography

Downtown Houston is quite amazing to drive around and look at, but it is especially a blast to photograph. I have always been interested in architecture I love the lines of it and all the angles.

There was so much construction in downtown Houston I could not shoot half the stuff I wanted to shoot. Roads were blocked and construction equipment was everywhere. The progress of a growing city.

Since I was the passenger in the car I spent most of my time hanging out the window shooting up at buildings to get these shots.  When you change the perspective of what you are shooting it changes everything. In this instance, a tall skyscraper becomes so much more.

It was a cloudy overcast morning which gave the pictures a great feel and in black and white they were timeless. The reflections in the glass buildings made them even more special.

Sonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira Photography


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