Cats Spies | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Many mornings I go out to take sunrise pictures. Yesterday morning it was quite humid, foggy and very wet.

I hear this loud thumping and it was the cats running to catch up to me. They are so snoopy and get all up in my business when I am outdoors shooting.

Mr. Stripe hopped up on the stump and posed while Mr. Harry crawled through the fence.

When I am shooting sunrises and pasture shots I mostly use my Canon 24-105L lens because it has the reach I need for close-ups and it is wide enough for landscapes.

Nothing like being spied on by the cats.

Sonya Lira Photography


10 thoughts on “Cats Spies | Manvel, Texas Photographer

      • Totally MY enjoyment, Sonya. I mean that! I know how “fickle” cats are to photograph! There is a barn cat that lives next door to me who um thinks he owns me, and at times when I am in a low crouch concentrating on “no shake zone” for a very close macro capture, he comes sauntering up to me, rubbing up against my legs. So much for “no shake zone”. LOL ❤

  1. These two do the same thing to me. When they run you would think it was a herd of cows I never realized cats can be so loud when running. Mr. Stripe will interrupt what I am doing by getting in my pictures or rolling over for a tummy rub and even rubbing up against me. Mr. Harry pretty much just gets in my pictures finds a grasshopper and plays.

  2. Reblogged this on Surprising lives and commented:
    I have reblogged a few of Sonya’s posts and photographs before simply because she just has a wonderful way of capturing a feeling. These aren’t just photos they’re scenes of life that I feel I could just step into.

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